Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Link at My Hubpages

You can also make money with hubpages. Here is my link:

Referrals earn rewards.
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There is another way to generate revenue through HubPages. It's our HubPages Affiliate Program, and like anything else you find here, it.s extremely simple to use.

The Affiliate Program allows you generate ongoing revenue when you refer new writers to HubPages. Yes, that's right — ongoing revenue.

How does it work? When the Hubbers you've referred use our revenue-generating tools, you're entitled to an additional 10% of a hub's impressions. (We'll revisit the HubPage royalty structure in a moment.) And that 10% comes off HubPages percentage, not the Hubbers.

The more, high-quality writers you bring in, the greater your royalties.

It's a revenue stream that can keep on growing. And here's how to make it start:

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